Doctor Becker

Best Easy way to Make a Screenshot

A screenshot, also called a screen cap or screen grab, is an image that shows the contents of a computer display. With screenshots, you can capture exactly what is displayed on the screen and share it with others for future reference.

Taking, saving and sharing screenshots is very helpful. In fact, some people argue that screenshots are the most important thing on the Internet. But why is a simple picture of the screen so important? Well, screenshots often act as new age artifacts. They serve as a way to prove to others that you are looking at the crazy things you are really looking at.

They not only help prove your case, they also help you archive the past. For example, it can help you capture the look of your website before the latest brand is updated, strange error messages you got a few months ago, or juicy gossip articles that you don’t want to forget

How to Make a Screenshot ?
Screenshots are not only useful, but innovative to do more work more quickly.For Tech, I believe that screenshots are very helpful when you need to demonstrate something difficult to describe in words. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words!

3 ways screenshots can complete more work
1. Cooperate with others
Does your colleague ask for input on a new web page? Or do they need to review the brochure they are printing? Instead of writing long emails with edits, take screenshots and give your colleagues great and efficient feedback.
Website feedback
Design concept markup on the screen is faster and more effective than verbose email

2. Demo of how to execute the function
Not just to say. Show me and show me exactly what you are talking about in the screenshot. By using screenshots that show the exact meaning, it is less likely to be misunderstood. And that means less confusion, less time to explain, and longer days.

For example, explain how to log in to a new employee. Instead of reminding you, you can quickly send a screenshot that you can refer to again and again, without repeated confirmation.
Screenshots of numbered steps are easy to create and understand

3. Show exactly what is happening
If you have contacted your IT or web support team to report a bug, you may be asked to provide a screenshot. Because no one’s computer is the same. The machine, the operating system you are running, the browser version you are using, and how it appears may be quite different from other machines.
Providing a visual example of what you are looking at will help you see exactly what is happening and what is wrong.